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Fluoride Fact Sheets
-- Austin, TX CWF Fact Sheet
-- Dallas, TX CWF Fact Sheet
-- Fredricksburg, TX Fact Sheet
-- Marlin, TX Fact Sheet
-- Fluoride Additives Fact Sheet PDF
-- Water Well Fluoride Fact Sheet PDF
-- Comparing ROI of Fluoridation PDF
-- Community Water Fluoridation by the Numbers by PEW
-- DSHS Texas Fluoridation Program Fact Sheet PDF
-- Weight of the Evidence

Fluoridation is proven to reduce tooth decay by 29%!
-- Community Preventive Services Task Force. Guide to Community Preventive Services: Preventing Dental Caries: Community Water Fluoridation website. http://www.thecommunityguide.org/oral/fluoridation.html.

The CDC reports that fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated water “provide important and complementary benefits.”

After one of Canada’s largest cities stopped adding fluoride to its water, its rate of childhood cavities rose 81% more than the rate in a different city that continued fluoridation.

Oral health affects national security: The Defense Department supports water fluoridation because it “improves and sustains the military readiness” of our soldiers.
-- T. M. Leiendecker, G. C. Martin et al., “2008 DOD Recruit Oral Health Survey: A Report on Clinical Findings and Treatment Need,” Tri-Service Center for Oral Health Studies (2008), 1.

The average lifetime costs of treating a decayed molar is $6,105, the lifetime per-person cost for fluoridation is much less(the cost of fluoride per capita depends on location).
-- Cost is from Delta Dental of California’s data of commercially insured patients (January-June 2012).
-- CDC FastStats, Life Expectancy

Fluoridation benefits taxpayers and low-income families by reducing Texas’ Medicaid costs by $19 per child, per year.
-- Texas Department of Health, Water Fluoridation Costs in Texas: Texas Health Steps (EPSDT-MEDICAID): In Fulfillment of House Concurrent Resolution 145, Texas 75th Legislature. May 2000.

Can healthier teeth have a positive impact on earnings? Yes! Research shows that adults with access to fluoridated water during childhood earn about 2% more each year.
-- Glied, Sherry and Matthew Neidell. “The Economic Value of Teeth,” Journal of Human Resources, 45(2), 2010.